Thanks for taking the time to find our site, I want to make sure that you are in the right place before you go any further so if you have arrived here looking for advice on bankruptcy, debt restructuring, debt consolidation and other options such as personal insolvency for Irish citizens then you may well be in the right place.However, if you were looking for advice on

From Pauls Phone 157 - Version 2household money management or first home mortgage arrears you will find good advice on the Monetary Advice and Budgeting Service.From the outset  I would like to be clear that we provide a confidential service which is discrete but effective.Our clients are typically normal, hard working people who have become overstretched by the change in circumstances that have beset Ireland.  I have tried to summarise what we do below – read it and if it is for you just give me a call – it may be that we can improve your situation far more easily then you might imagine – we understand the way the system works, and we know how to communicate with the parties involved.So I have just put together the Who, What, Why and How – if  you think that this is describing your own circumstances you should call me. 01 437 0908.

Neo Financial Solutions is a team of associates led by myself, Paul Carroll.  I am a certified accountant with 25 years experience in Ireland, the UK and the US.  I am backed by my associates, each of whom is a specialist in their own area.  Together we have unparalleled direct experience in dealing with evolving situations, proposing manageable solutions, negotiating with banks and creditors, planning and effecting bankruptcy in the least damaging way if absolutely necessary – to get an idea look at some of our case studies.
It is unlikely, should you have a difficult situation yourself, that we have not seen something similar nor is it likely that we would not be able to make a significant difference.
We are experts in restructuring debt,  bankruptcy and insolvency. We are experienced in negotiating with banks, the Revenue Commissioners, Inland Revenue, creditors and lenders of all kinds – basically we are totally in tune with the hole and we know the best way to dig you out.  We will agree a plan of action with you, and either implement it, or support you in its implementation.  We know what is acceptable, what is reasonable, what is practicable and we are masters at getting it agreed by all parties.
We know how difficult it is to work out what the best course of action is – there is plenty of “pub advice”, little support from bank or creditors, family pressures and often a real temptation to bury the head in the sand and hope it will all work itself out.  I think we all know that isn’t going to happen, so the best answer is to engage someone independent that understands all the permutations and can act on your behalf – believe me, your bank is far more likely to listen to us because we can present your situation in clear financial rhetoric without emotion so that they will understand and be able to make pragmatic decisions.
In the first instance just give me a ring – call me direct on 01 437 0908.  I will give you an honest appraisal of your situation and promise that it will be 100% independent and confidential.  If we agree that there is a solution that we can help with I will give you a clear idea of the costs involved and assure you that we try to put as much of that onto the successful outcome.  We don’t chase ambulances, and we will not see you in a worse position than you started.  If there is nothing we can do for you, I will tell you straight and suggest where you might go, but at least you will know where you stand.Paul C Carroll FCCA