Irish Insolvency Bill coming Friday

So the long awaited Irish insolvency bill will be published on Friday. I am delighted to see that it is on it’s way but I am very worried that our leaders will side step the real issues this bill needs to address. I have no doubt that the Irish insolvency bill will include lots of provisions for legal and accounting professions to get involved in fee generating processes. I am really worried that the irish insolvency bill will continue the scam of supporting bankrupt banks by not fully dealing with mortgage loans in the irish insolvency bill.

All the evidence to date with our leaders no matter which party is involved have shown an unwillingness to address the real problems of the ordinary person. Will the costs of the Irish insolvency process be too great for the ordinary person? Will the term in bankruptcy be in line with our neighbours and provide proper relief for the ordinary person? Will the massive issue of mortgage problems be tackled? These are simple issues which can be addressed simply if there is a willingness to do so. But I am fearful that a complex solution to a simple problem is on it’s way …….. first sign of which is the announcement that the Irish insolvency bill will be over 200 pages (i can hear the fee notes from the lawyers printing already) is not a good indication that we are going to have the simple solution to the simple problem!

Role on Friday and hopefully I am proven wrong ….. but watch out the professional classes in Ireland are about to again rip us all off!!